“What Type of Exercises Can Be Done In My Home?”

“What Type of Exercises Can Be Done In My Home?”

All the important aspects of fitness; strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular training can be accomplished in the home without the use of cumbersome equipment.

The gym is not for everyone

For many, it’s simply more comfortable where it’s not so public–and there can be numerous reasons, of course.

When it comes to balance and flexibility training, it’s accomplished entirely without equipment. Utilizing the movements of the body slowly and deliberately, the emphasis is on safety and comfort. For this type of training I utilize the skills and techniques that I practiced in martial arts, adapting particular movements to the needs and capabilities of each client. It is, indeed, gratifying to see the increase in strength, range of motion, and confidence my clients gain from this type of training!

Cardio is bit more complicated

Cardiovascular training–raising the heart rate level–involves moving the larger muscle groups with enough effort to make it happen. For some of my clients, the strength and stability of movement needs to be sufficiently increased first.

Whatever the level of fitness, in home training is limited only by the skill and imagination of the trainer.

With the right techniques and the appropriate understanding of the client’s capabilities, home is a great place to start!

To Your Health and Fitness,


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