“Are Chair Exercises The Best Type of Exercise for Me?”

“Are Chair Exercises The Best Type of Exercise for Me?”

When trying to determine what exercises are appropriate for each individual, the starting point for me is client safety.

Aging brings with it changes to the body that we seniors all experience--the degree and timing will vary–but we all feel them.

The foundation for fitness which I build upon with every client consists of the movements which can be done safely and comfortably when we start. My clients, as a Certified Personal Trainer, are healthy enough to engage in at least a light form of exercise from the beginning. So it is to this group our answer is directed.

The Hips Are The Foundation

As seniors, we become increasingly aware of navigating our environment safely–it’s a combination of numerous factors; from compromised vision, to feet that don’t move the way they used to. But if you aren’t already aware, the staggering numbers of Seniors whose lives are changed by hip fractures annually should be a cause for your attention and concern.

I’m sure that you’re aware of how health care professionals evaluate your capacity to live safely on your own–Activities of Daily Living. The ability to perform these activities is, to a large degree, a function of your hip and core strength.

Because my goal for every client is fitness that functions for life, I discuss their goals for our time together and always recommend a major focus and emphasis on hip development; not only for strengthening, but also for maintaining bone density in this critical area.

You can understand, then, that my answer to the original question is this:

If you are completely mobile and have no problems with your hips, legs or feet–I recommend that you skip the chair workouts for something more challenging.

To Your Health and Fitness,


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