“What’s Different About You?” (part 2)

“What’s Different About You?” (part 2)

There were a few different reasons, in my thirties, that I set aside weight training for Shotokan. Resistance training started before I was a teen, and I felt that I needed to step out my comfort zone in a major way.

Deciding on the style of martial art was the beginning of the journey; which then became the task of searching for the right instructor.

Shotokan is a very basic style of karate (basic does not mean easy). The power and substance of the movements (blocks, kicks, punches and stances) is derived from the connection to the ‘body center’. Beginners spend a year or two learning the movements, all the while developing that vital connection that they must be able to demonstrate powerfully at advanced levels.

It Is An Amazing Tool

I share these few details because this is a very important part of my approach to Senior Fitness–not that we need to learn how to punch and kick, but because there is no better method of functional fitness that includes this emphasis on the hips and body center for balance and strength! The dynamic techniques, done in a soft and gentle style, are powerful tools for enhancing the balance, strength and flexibility of the lower body chain of movement, especially for Seniors.

You can say that it’s martial arts specifically designed for fighting aging…

and you’d be absolutely correct!

To Your Health and Fitness,

Steven Siemons, ACSM CPT

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