Lentils: The Change Will Do You Good!

Lentils: The Change Will Do You Good!

Nutrition is a critical part of good health. In a ‘fast food world’ it is difficult to stay on track because healthy eating options simply are not as popular. And eating healthy involves effort.

How often have you seen lentils on the menu?

If menus were designed to show healthy options first, lentils would be right near the top with an enticing picture making the dish irresistible!

New Reasons To Reconsider

Replacing half a serving of rice with lentils caused blood glucose to drop by up to 20 per cent. Replacing potatoes with lentils led to a 35-per-cent drop.

I recommend that you read the entire study here. It’s a short read.


Like most growing up in this country, potatoes have always been dominant as a side dish for me. As a kid, the French fries at McDonald’s were my favorite–especially the burnt ones. Don’t know why, but there are numerous things I enjoy better burnt; like the mozzarella that sticks to the inside edges of the casserole dish.

It’s not easy to replace these foods that we love so much, but as you can see from this article; even small substitutions can produce significant healthy responses in our bodies!

Nutrition doesn’t just happen; you must decide to take charge of it. And doing it right takes planning and action.

Do some research on the internet for an exciting recipe and get started now.

Are you worth it?

I Hope You Answered Yes!


Lots of lentil facts:


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